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There’s nothing like finding that perfect pair of headphones. And if you’re anything like me, that’s been a long-winded quest that has ended in disappointment.

After switching to the iPhone 7 and all of my headphones now being obsolete (side tip: don’t unintentionally throw away the headphone adapter; all stores are sold out and you’ll have to forever rely on the subpar versions that come with the phone), I have been on the hunt for the perfect wireless pair. The idea of wireless headphone buds that don’t connect to one another sounds like the fastest way to lose $150, so I much prefer the idea of wireless headphones that physically connect the buds.

Enter Catalyst headphones by Zipbuds.

These sleek, stylish headphones are fitted specifically to your ear size, and when I tell you they don’t budge, I mean it — these bad boys don’t move.


Photos Courtesy of Zipbuds

To prove their point, they had me try out a high intensity workout at The Zone in Newport Beach while wearing the headphones. This workout is no joke. If you’re looking for a fast way to get in shape and be sore for the rest of your life (in a good way), then look no further. I couldn’t move for days, and I workout daily. Despite all the jumping, lunging, rowing, deadlifting, kettlebell swinging and more, the headphones did not once slip out of place. Even more importantly, the sound quality is amazing. I’m sure my trainer was getting annoyed with me asking him to constantly repeat himself, but I was in my own fitness world with the sounds of Rae Sremmurd and Rick Ross filling my ears. I could hear absolutely nothing else. That is also due in part to the dedicated subwoofer base in the headphones – so for all the bass junkies out there, these are perfect for you.

For a minute, I was worried about building up a heavy sweat from the workout, but then – music to my ears – CEO Robin DeFay told me the headphones are actually waterproof. So, let’s have a quick recap: these headphones actually look good, don’t move out of your ears, block out all sound, and are also waterproof. I think it’s safe to say these are the world’s best headphones, and believe me, I’ve tried them all and can find something wrong with pretty much all of them.


Photos Courtesy of Zipbuds

To put the icing on this sweet, sweet cake, the battery life is outstanding. The Catalyst headphones last two and a half times longer than any other wireless headphones on the market, at a whopping average of 15 total hours of playtime, and 400 hours of standby time. If your battery dies while you’re on the move, do not fear, mobile charging is here. Simply snap on the mobile charger for an additional 5 hours of battery life. These headphones also have a noise-isolating microphone, so you can also take your calls on the go and not do the fun headphone-removal-rush-to-answer dance every time you get a call.


Photos Courtesy of Zipbuds

Let me be clear, Zipbuds did not pay me, and if I try out a product and don’t like it, I just don’t write about it. These headphones are genuinely awesome. If you want to get your hands on a pair – and believe me, you do – check out their page on Kickstarter and get them at a deep discount before they hit the stores. Hurry though, because you only have a week left!

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