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You don’t have to be a pro surfer or even know how to ‘Hang 10’ to enjoy the waves; in fact, you don’t even have to leave your home’s backyard thanks to one woman.

Meet inventive mom, Hans Thadhani, of Manhattan Beach, CA, who created Strand Boards, an outdoor surfboard shower you install in your own backyard.

After a day of swimming, tanning and more, come home and refresh yourself with an outdoor shower like no other. Made from strong materials that will endure, the Strand Board can be customized to fit your style be it simple or more extravagant.

Strand Boards surfboard showers have become so popular they have been featured on the Today Show and Thadani is helping one non-profit benefit. A percentage of each Strand Boards sale is donated to Heal the Bay, a nonprofit environmental organization geared toward making coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean.


Here is more from this mom who seems to know no bounds to creativity:

Debbie Sklar: Tell us how Strand Boards came to fruition?

Hans Thadhani: I was looking for a way for my kids to clean up after we went to the beach so they didn’t track sand inside the house, as well as to cool off and enjoy fun water play in the backyard without wasting too much water. Through the surfboard design, we’re able to capture beach life for people all over to enjoy, not just those who are living right next to it!

DS: Are you a surfer?

HT: No, I am not a surfer, but I do enjoy the beach! I am just a mom who realized a need for something stylish and functional and decided to make it a reality!

DS: Who helped you create the product?

HT: My plumber and handyman! They helped me take the vision I had in my head and create a product that worked and was simple enough to install and use.

DS: Have you sold many?

HT: Yes, demand for our boards has been overwhelming so far, and we are thrilled by the continued interested.

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DS: Who is the audience?

HT: We recommend Strand Boards to anyone who’s looking to bring the beach vibe to their home, whether you live on the water or in the middle of the country. Both parents and kids love them!

DS: Why would someone want one?

HT: Strand Boards are fun, functional and designed for the entire family to use. It’s definitely not just for kids. Whether you live on the beach and want to rinse the sand off, or live in the middle of the country and want to rinse off after the pool or other outdoor activities, Strand Boards are a great way to cool off and clean up year round.

DS: Where can Stand Boards be purchased?

Strand Boards can be purchased on our website,, as well as seen at Yorktown in Manhattan Beach, CA.

DS: Is there more than one model? Different colors?

HT: Strand Boards come in several models and colors, and are completely customizable and can be personalized as well. We also sell other surf, sun, and sea inspired decor, surfboards, furniture and our new surfboard chandeliers. We carry the fun beach vibe through everything we sell!

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DS: Can Strand Boards be installed anywhere?

HT: Strand Boards are meant to go outdoors and can be installed anywhere you have a bit of space and access to a water line.

DS: Do you use one?

HT: Absolutely, I use mine almost every day and my kids love it, too!

DS:  Cost?

HT: Strand Boards are priced from $1,799 to $3,000, depending on the design.

DS:  Any other inventions in the process?

HT: Our newly released surfboard chandelier! We’re getting a great response for it so far. It’s perfect for any house that wants to bring beach vibes inside the house, too!

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