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So you didn’t get tickets. Or maybe you did, but when Bey dropped out you figured it wouldn’t be worth the money and the heat exhaustion, so you sold them. Whatever the case, tons of people are going to Coachella this weekend and next – but you’re not one of them.

That’s okay. We’ll make the best of it. Here are six ideas for you to try, none of which include porta-potties.

1. Livestream it at home.

I did this the last couple of years and it was actually pretty great. If you’ve been to Coachella before – I went from 2004 through 2012 – you know there’s a certain ambience attached to the experience, for me especially at sunset on the side stage. I didn’t think livestreaming would allow for much of that ambience, but it totally does give you a little taste. You can hear the crowds and see the views, and the best part is you’re right up front without having to be packed in like sardines.

Consequence of Sound has the livestream schedule; the webcast will be on YouTube once the fest starts Friday. There are three different channels so you can jump around depending on who’s on. Set times will be available at

2. Keep your headphones in all weekend.

It’s all about the music, and you don’t have to miss that part of it. There are tons of great Coachella playlists on Spotify, including official playlists sorted by day. Eye the lineup and queue up. Don’t forget to try out the ones you don’t know; you’re sure to fall in a love with a few bands you would never have heard of otherwise.

You can also listen to some live performances, interviews and more on the radio. Check out OC Register’s story about that.

screenshot of Coachella playlist on Spotify

3. Throw a Coachella-themed party.

Get some speakers for your playlists and crank it up. Have your friends come over dressed like a flower child, and serve food like the kind you’d find at the OC Fair (ie. fried, sugary, delicious). Have everyone bring a drink that somehow represents the band or artist they would’ve loved to see at Coachella. (I can bring lemonade margaritas!)

4. Go see a non-Coachella show nearby.

There are still lots of shows happening outside of the desert. Here are some highlights for this weekend: The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Frida Cinema, Lupe Fiasco at the Observatory, Jeff Bridges and the Abiders at the Coach House, and Tech N9ne at House of Blues Anaheim Gardenwalk.

Black and white photo of tech n9ne jumping on a stage during a performance

Photo from @therealtechn9ne Instagram

5. Visit an art gallery or museum.

We tend to forget that it’s actually called the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which means there’s a whole slew of great art pieces out in the desert that the Staychellans are missing out on. But you can honor the arts by visiting one of the many art galleries or museums in Orange County or L.A. (Just remember many will be closed this Sunday for Easter.)

6. Take a hike.

Consider the fact that if you’d gone to Coachella you’d be clocking literally miles of walking around the grounds and get outside. The weather in Orange County this weekend is expected to be in the high 70s, which is much more pleasant than Indio’s low 90s. Hit the Holy Jim Trail in Trabuco Canyon for a little bit of a challenge, or just take a leisurely stroll down the San Clemente Beach Trail. Check SoCalHiker’s list of O.C. trails for more info.

A coastal view of San Onofre State Beach - Trail 6. Looking North toward San Clemente in the far distance.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t just waste away your Staychella time. Enjoy the indoor air conditioning, or slather on some sunscreen by the pool. And don’t forget the music.

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