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When creative, talented people come together for a good cause, something magical happens. It’s the fastest way to spread a positive message and reach people on a deeper level. That’s exactly what happened when 2UniteAll was born from the Project Peace on Earth Initiative by founder Steve Robertson. Grammy Award Winning artists, composers, and stars alike created two incredible albums with the NCCR Gaza Children’s Choir to spread the message of love, peace, and unity both in Gaza and universally. The most amazing part? Every dime goes towards psychological and surgical care for Palestinians in Gaza and Middle East peace awareness. That’s right, all proceeds.

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I recently attended an event for the launch of the second 2UniteAll album and was completely blown away by the selflessness and compassion that was felt throughout the event. The people who made this album happen, and those who support them, have truly put forth a tremendous amount of effort and love towards this initiative that comes from a completely genuine place. I spoke to Steve Robertson, founder of Project Peace on Earth ( and executive producer of the 2UniteAll albums, and was inspired by his dedication to not only spreading the message of love, but also his recognition that the problem doesn’t just stop with the physical trauma those affected in Gaza endure; psychological trauma occurs and creates scars that rarely, if ever, heal. Project Peace on Earth has a holistic approach of wanting to take care of the Palestinians in Gaza from the inside out through proceeds from the 2UniteAll albums. We often see volunteers offering medical care overseas, and their efforts are invaluable, but it is rare to see someone doing something about the psychological pain and damage that occurs as well.

“I found an organization in Gaza that works with children who have been severely disabled and psychologically traumatized through this onslaught of nonsensical war that occurs in a place that could be a model for peace on the whole planet,”

explains Robertson, and he was actually able to work with the children who have been helped by that organization and feature them singing on the album with legends like Peter Gabriel and Roger Waters.

Performing at the event was Philip Lawrence, who many know as Bruno Mars’s right-hand-man in songwriting. Lawrence sang his song from the 2UniteAll album at the event, and the result was a powerful, awe-inspiring performance that left the crowd with goosebumps. “I met Philip, and there are good people, then there are people with beautiful souls, authentic, to the core,” explains Robertson, “and [Philip] said ‘I’m in.’” The result was an incredible song entitled “Begin Again,” which features lyrics that truly speak to the soul of the entire message of the 2UniteAll initiative to spread love and peace.


To pick up your copies of the 2UniteAll albums, check out and hear original songs and lyrics by musical greats like Philip Lawrence, Roger Waters, Stewart Copeland, Serj Tankian, Rick Allen, and many, many more.

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