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It’s no secret that Laguna Beach is an international hub of art and creativity. It’s hard not to be inspired in a place — where from almost any spot — you see waves crashing into beautiful cliffs and sunsets that take your breath away.

I’ve always been a big fan of anything Laguna related, so of course I was honored to attend the 50th annual Laguna Art A-Fair Premier Night at the Tivoli Too. This year, 125 artists from around the globe brought their best to Laguna and shared their inspiration and technique with the excited crowd. If you are a lover of art, including (but not limited to) photography, jewelry, handbags, paintings, glasswork, live music, and much more, then this is a summer event you cannot miss.

The event runs throughout the summer from June 24 to Aug. 28. If you’re interested in getting more involved and creating your own masterpieces, then you definitely want to sign up for one of the workshops. Whether you are interested in honing your skills in watercolor, clay sculpting, or acrylic, there’s something for everyone’s artistic side!

While there’s no question that there was an endless amount of talent surrounding us at the premier night, we decided to show you some of our favorites from the evening, and give you a sneak peek of what you NEED to be checking out at the Laguna Art A-Fair.

As a woman with an undying love for handbags (see: Hammitt), these amazing handbags by Lisa Pallatne immediately caught my eye. These handmade leather bags have incredible detail and have a Boho-chic look that is perfect for summer.


The photographs taken by Robert Ross feature spectacular images of wildlife, and landscape from his travels the world over (including a shot from 11,000 feet up on a cliff). It was hard to pick a favorite, but that lion is pretty fierce.


The vibrant work of John Hung Ha caught our eye with his dynamic use of multi-media pieces and wide array of sizes. His bright colors and modern twist on traditional Chinese images brought a fun pop that would be sure to brighten any room.


If you’re looking for whimsical jewelry to add color and fantasy to your wardrobe, then the designs by Marilou Jenkins are not to be overlooked. Her use of natural gemstones, dichroic glass, pearls, and more, are beautifully wrapped in Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled wire, and are great additions to dress up any outfit.


Susan Marosz has mastered the use of glass in art, and has created several one-of-a-kind creations that truly capture the eye. Her signature pieces are her SoCal inspired waves; with the way the light danced on them, it was hard to believe they weren’t actually moving!


Les Salva has mastered the art of airbrushing, and has a marvelous showcasing of realistic mural work that features icons throughout history. Our favorite was easy to spot: Prince.


We loved the mixed-media pieces by Christopher Scardino and the beautiful colors found in each one. Scardino is known for his vibrant works made with everything from wood, to aluminum stearate.


Hugo Rivera’s work is in the post-modern fresco style, a style that intertwines classic technique with modern interpretation. The result: Dynamic murals with bright colors featuring beautiful people, instruments, and musicians.

DSC00846 copy

Not only does Donald Earhart take stunning photos, but he also prints them on aluminum so the brights are brighter, and the darks are darker. His images change with the light in the room, creating a multi-faceted piece unlike any other.


Frank Kim is inspired by the sunlight in California, and all of his paintings are manifestations of how he sees California in all of its beauty. His oil paintings reflect the allure of California, and who doesn’t love that?


Becky Black began painting with encaustics in 2002, and her talent shines through in each painting. She burns beeswax, tree resin, and pigment together and applies it to a wood canvas. She then uses torches to manipulate the mixture and crate layers on the wood.


Christian Lund brings a unique flare to his furniture designs by incorporating an array of textures, shapes, and finishes. Prior to relocating to Laguna Beach, Lund had an antique store in Massachusetts, giving him an excellent eye for various styles and mediums.


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