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You may remember with the launch of Boardwalk Gemini, we covered the fragrance of Soul Sisters, a labor of love by the lovely Hilary Shepard. If not, refer back to our first Soul Sisters article to get up to speed on her magic love oil. Don’t worry; I’ll wait.

OK, ready? Good.

Back to the present; on May 21, 2016, there was a launch party for Soul Sisters. When Hilary first told me she was hosting a launch party, she excitedly painted a picture of her vision. It consisted of having a great event during the New Moon and one filled with a wand-making station, awesome music, food, drinks, angel card readings, fun people, and above all, good vibes. I could not wait for this party, because who doesn’t want to take a night away from real life and escape into a world of fairy wand-making and reliving the sounds of Prince?


Hilary’s vision was fulfilled and, in my opinion, was even better than imagined. Immediately walking into the event at The Soul Project in Laguna Beach, my friend and I were warmly welcomed and, not to sound too new-agey, but the energy was phenomenal. Everyone was excitedly buzzing around, flowing inside and outside to enjoy boozy beverages provided by Libre Tequila, snacking on delicious candy by Corona Del Mar’s own B. Candy, dancing around to the sounds of a fabulous DJ, all in their support of this amazing woman and her fragrance baby.


This launch event was a true pleasure to attend. It’s not uncommon to go to launch events and have that awkward, ‘I-know-no-one-here-so-I’ll-play-on-my-phone-and-look-cool feeling.’ Not with this one. It was nice to see so many people gather together to support something and someone they truly love. I made a bee-line to the wand-making station, and ended up laughing and creating for over an hour with a table full of women who all joined as strangers, and left as friends. My wand could easily have passed as a hodgepodge disaster created by a 6-year-old, but I sure had a blast making it! Outside, there was a bar, a beautiful seating area, angel card readings, candy, and snacks galore. While I didn’t have a chance to get an angel card reading (the sign-up list was a mile long!), I did have the opportunity to try some of the sweet treats provided by B. Candy. I may not have gotten to find out my entire future, but I know part of it will be acquiring more candy by B. Candy tout de suite!


Hilary’s fragrance isn’t just a product by someone who decided she wanted a perfume, so she had a lab create one, she smelled a few samples, and then slapped her name on a bottle. When I say this unique blend is a labor of love, I truly mean a labor of love. Hilary created her fragrance based on her favorite smells from Hawaii and the Nightblooming Jasmine bushes she would walk by in Los Angeles. Her fragrance is infused with the pheromones that women lose when they no longer ovulate, an experience she dealt with during her cancer treatments. The result? Hawaii in a bottle that attracts people to you like bees to honey. So, yes, it really is a magic love oil. As someone who was born with synesthesia and is constantly bombarded by the powerful sense of smell, you can bet that Hilary knows what makes a good fragrance.


All proceeds of Hilary’s perfume go to the women-run laboratory that studies the type of cancer from which her sister, Kathy Simon, tragically passed. The Elisabeth R. Woods and Kathy Simon Foundation ( raises money for researching a type of lung cancer that mainly affects non-smoking women. Hilary’s goal with her fragrance was to raise money for the foundation, unite women, and put out an incredible product that people actually love. Now, with Soul Sisters having grown a true fan-following, there are women throughout California smelling like exotic temptresses for a good cause.

Soul Project
1516 S. Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
949.494.0489 |

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