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Tired of guessing when you buy a new lipstick if it’s going to look good when you get it home? Sick of tossing out yet another blush compact into the cosmetics graveyard?

You might want to check out the YouCam Makeup App.

YouCam Makeup is an augmented reality app that lets users try-on makeup in real-time with real products to assist you in purchasing decisions.

YouCam Makeup currently has more than 160 million downloads worldwide and the app receives close to 1 billion visits a month. The technology used in the app is one-of-a-kind as it ensures a seamless virtual makeup application that recognizes your facial characteristics and lets you move in various angles. Users can try on lipsticks, blush, eye makeup and even lashes, contacts and more.

To date, the company has partnered with YSL Beauty, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Laura Geller and Ardell to name a few – these partnerships let users apply makeup looks from the respected brand using the front facing camera and allowing them to purchase directly from within the app. Users can also join the app’s interactive Beauty Circle network to gain access to giveaways, tips, and recommendations curated from top beauty brands.

App Availability – Free to download – App Store, Google Play, Website

Bright Idea

According to Richard Carriere, the company’s SVP of global marketing, the YouCam apps are the brainchild of Perfect Corp.’s CEO and founder, Alice H. Chang, who was then the CEO of CyberLink, a multimedia computer software company that sold billions of products under her leadership.

As CyberLink was starting to port its editing technologies to mobile phones, Chang grabbed the opportunity to create the company’s first beauty app, YouCam Perfect. While there were already dozens of general purpose photo apps in the market, she wanted to develop tools that would cater primarily to women and help them look great, feel confident and enjoy themselves. This selfie app was an instant success when it launched in 2014 and has sustained growth to this date, with about 80 million downloads.

“YouCam Makeup was developed in the wake of this initial success. We had a much more ambitious goal to create a true-to-life virtual makeup app that would be far more realistic than anything ever seen in the market, and which would convince leading beauty and cosmetic brands to offer their colors and products to bridge the virtual and real world,” he said.

“In order to create that bridge and to make the app highly interactive, we quickly integrated our virtual community, Beauty Circle and embedded the network into all our beauty apps as a social platform where beauty lovers, brands, influencers and leading beauty publications could interact together and through our virtual tools,” he said.

Recently, the company launched YouCam Nails for nail art, and completed its family by making Beauty Circle available as its own app, while still keeping it embedded inside the other apps. Just a year ago, it spun off its beauty apps into Perfect Corp., transferred more than 100 employees from CyberLink to the new entity, and Chang took the CEO seat to focus 100 percent of her attention into this amazing new business.

New Picture


Contouring Like the Celebs

The brand has also brought the secret weapon of celebrities, models, and every other perfectly sculpted face you see on YouTube, to virtual reality in an effort to help you further perfect your selfie. The new facial contouring feature lets users sculpt, highlight, and define their face like a professional makeup-artist, all with the touch of a button.

“We are delighted to bring this advanced makeup technique to our users with the release of the full facial contouring feature,” Chang says. “Contouring is an established trend within the beauty industry and YouCam Makeup now gives users a chance to contour like a pro, in seconds to further experiment with different beauty looks.”

Live Web Cam Feature

This feature captures the makeover process in real-time, including users’ facial expressions, the augmented reality (AR) beauty effects and the surrounding environment. The automatic live video recording of AR makeup effects called “Makeup Mashup” was designed for users to explore different makeover looks with one-click and effortlessly share the results in fun videos clips. With this AR breakthrough, fans everywhere are no longer limited to applying makeup effects on static photos. This innovative technology is pioneering new possibilities for fans to shift their passion for photo editing and beauty into the realm of social videos.

“With video making up more than 50 percent of all mobile traffic, and the rise of so many highly-influential beauty vloggers, being able to instantly record and share videos of your virtual makeup experience in our apps is not only exciting, but also essential,” Chang says.

So, what are you waiting for? Skip the drama of trying to figure out if that ‘Ruby Red’ lipstick is going to look good or not and try the YouCam app ASAP.

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