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The Den Meditation studio is a beautiful space on La Brea Avenue that’s the perfect place to get your zen on. Founder Tal Rabinowitz left the entertainment industry to start her peaceful passion project, but her background in entertainment shows: she knows how to provide a setting as luxurious as it is serene.

A sense of relaxation suffuses the comfortable space from the moment patrons walk in and check their cell phones at the front desk. The common area adjoining the check-in offers tea and wine; the cushions are soft, the furnishings are elegant without being ostentatious.

The meditation room itself has a beautiful carpet, cushions, and the ability to meditate propped up or lying down. We took an evening class and the rich wood, candlelight, and spacious room fit the bill perfectly for us to wind down after a busy day.

people meditating in a dimly lit room for boardwalk gemini piece

Photo Courtesy of The Den

Here are a few of the classes the studio offers, which run throughout the day and into the evening. The #CTFO class is a signature program. Meaning Chill the F*#* Out, this is a class dedicated to the idea of calming that monkey brain that inhabits oh-so-many heads, and finding a place in which to view everyday life from a more chill perspective. The Candlelight Relax is just that, with guided meditation and plenty of time to simply breathe. The Awakening Compassion class is a fully guided meditation. We were excited by the fact that The Den also offers a yoga movement and meditation class, too. I’m a big yoga fan, but too often the savasana is rushed, and to have a program in which the spiritual element of yoga practice is predominant is a deeply appealing option. There is an equally spiritual Kundalini yoga class available, too; and perhaps best of all, Yoga Nidra, which is essentially an all-savasana yoga experience, and is considered the equivalent in restfulness to several hours of sleep. One of the most unique and wonderful offerings at The Den is the Family Sit, which allows children to meditate along with their parents or guardian. Kids pay a nominal $5 fee and the communion between child and parent is simply delightful. There’s a Den Kids program, too, so the experience can continue with four, kids-only sessions. Those enrolled can participate in the Family Sit at no extra charge. Another great idea: the lunchtime half-hour meditation. A quick mental detox, those working or playing in the area are well-served by this brief but lovely experience.

photo of mom and daughter sitting and meditating together for boardwalk gemini piece

Photo Courtesy of The Den

The Den also offers a variety of workshops such as the Sound Bath, which is unique in that it uses gemstone-crafted bowls that provide bodily healing and create energy fields. Don’t let words like healing and energy fields put off the more practical-minded among you, there is absolutely a sense of renewal and health that comes out of this workshop, and feeling is believing. The Sound Bath reputedly helps to clean out the EMFs that affect your body, and certainly with all of the time we spend at our computers and on our smart phones, bathing our bodies of technological toxicity seems like a fine idea for mental health, too.

Want to give meditation a peaceful whirl? The Den offers 21 days unlimited meditation for new clients for an extremely reasonable $50. Zen has never been so easy to obtain.

photo of a mug and plant on a table for boardwalk gemini piece

Photo Courtesy of The Den

The Den is located at 360 S. La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. 

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