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Mind-meltingly immersive, the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream in DTLA features ten different colorful galleries in a sweet treat of an exhibition that runs through the end of June.

Everyone’s saying the place is an Instagrammers Heaven, and that’s certainly true, but it’s also just a lot of fun for everyone from pop art fans to families. From giant melted popsicle art created by LA’s own Baker’s Son to a pool of sprinkles ready for kids to dive into – be forewarned, they are plastic, not edible – there’s plenty to enjoy.

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Start in a pink room with old pay phones providing a welcome message, and proceed to the California Room where rotating tastes from gourmet ice cream purveyors such as Salt and Straw and McConnells are scooped up. There’s also a mural that proclaims “Ice Cream” and a small trampoline to leap on. We won’t deny it: tasting actual ice cream is one of the main attractions here, and we could’ve used a little more of it.

Quaff your creamy treat and move on to a greenhouse-like room where mint plants thrive in at least reputedly chocolate soil. The idea is, of course, to create chocolate mint. That flavor is taste-able here as chocolate mint mochi ice cream. Non-edible but equally fun is a room filled with hanging bananas.

mint green room with plants and a hand holding a piece of mint chocolate chip ice cream

(c) @lifebetweencakes Instagram

And don’t miss the pop art of Baker’s Son – although how could you? The artist’s work here are shiny over-sized plexi-glass popsicle treats that adorn the walls, and make an appropriate, non-edible lead-in to the next space: a neon-infused display of gummy bears. Yes, the gummies are also offered for sampling.

Even more talked about than the ice cream samples is the kitschy fun swimming pool you’ll spot next, filled not with water, but with plastic sprinkles to dive, pose, and flop in. You’ll find floaty rings and beach balls in the ersatz pool, too. Last but not least: guests can try ice cream sandwich pancakes served up from pink skillets.

pink swimming pool filled with sprinkles and pink float toys

(c) @museumoficecream Instagram

While the admission price is on the steep side (children and seniors are less than adults), a major plus is limiting admission to approximately 20 guests per half-hour. This means there’s plenty of room to enjoy all the creamy, screamy, dreamy fun – but it also means that tickets sell-out fast. Another caveat here, particularly with LA traffic in mind: tickets are only good during their specified half-hour time slot, so arrive early – twenty minutes early, the website suggests.

Is this a real museum? Can you eat mammoth amounts of ice cream in a sugar-rush feeding frenzy? No. But it’s a one-of-a-kind spot for candy-colored confectionary fun, some tasty ice-cream samples, a cool mini-adventure as well as a hot ticket. The museum is located at 2018 E 7th Place in DTLA.
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