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Source: Kayce McGehee and FitFusion trainers Andrea Orbeck and Kenta Seki

Now that it’s February, some of us may be facing the disappointment that our big fitness goals we made in early January have all but failed just four weeks later. Don’t let this make you feel worse, but you actually belong to the “make it and break it” majority. In fact, only 8 percent of people who made a New Year’s resolution were able to meet their goal, according to a study from the University of Scranton compiled by Statistic Brain.

How can you overcome this crazy 92 percent failure rate? We talked to two top FitFusion trainers to get the skinny on how to stay motivated about your 2017 fitness goals.

FitFusion is the leading streaming workout platform created by health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels. Praised as the “Netflix of fitness videos,” FitFusion features over 300 workouts and more than 145 hours of content from some of the biggest names in fitness. These FitFusion trainers, handpicked by Jillian Michaels herself, speak from years of experience as group fitness instructors and personal trainers to offer all types of tips and advice to people of all levels of experience in the fitness realm.

We have 8 tips from 2 trainers to keep you going strong all year long.  Here’s what FitFusion pro Andrea Orbeck has to say:

1. Make sure your goals aren’t too big.

Simply buying those January running shoes, swimwear and a bike does not a May triathlon champion make! The key to successful fitness goals should be gradual and achievable. Increasing your weekly miles, actually getting to the pool once a week and prioritizing the time to get to spin class can actually support some long-term success. Small steps almost always tend to reach the goal.

2. Don’t forget yourself.

A common problem with the new year-new you attitude is that you forget it’s still you. If you hate yoga, why would you resolve to do a yoga class five days per week and a pilgrimage to India? Stay in your lane and continue to do what you enjoy – just do it a little more often. If you loved the workouts and people at bootcamp, get there more often! They love you too which leads us to our next point …

3. Get a solid support system.

It’s very hard to stay motivated when you are flying solo. If there’s no one to cheer you on and keep you accountable, you are likely to slip into old bad habits. Make friends at spin class, find fit meet groups on social media, or grab your spouse to join you on your hike as you knock the donut out of their hand. Remember, there’s strength in numbers!

4. Track your progress.

Small improvements over time is the best way to stay connected to the journey. Put your milestones to pen and paper. Record your time exercising longer and more often. You will be amazed at the pride you feel as you progress.

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Photograph of Andrea Orbeck by Bradford Rogne

And FitFusion trainer Kenta Seki finishes you off with these top tips:

5. Make a list of your motivations.

In addition to writing your goals down, make sure you make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish these goals to begin with. Write as many of your reasons down as you can, so that when times get tough and you need some motivation to keep you going, you have reminders.

6. Break your big goals into smaller targets.

Did you aim too far with your initial goals and now they seem too hard to reach? Try breaking your bigger goals into smaller targets. Say, for instance, one of your goals for 2017 is to lose 30 pounds. Instead, aim to lose 5 pounds in two months. That way you can focus on hitting this smaller, easier goal, and after you accomplish it, you can aim for another 5 pounds in the next two months. If you keep this up you’ll be on track to accomplish your larger goal without it seeming so impossible.

7. Do whatever you can immediately – no procrastinating!

Sometimes getting your butt off the couch to get started is harder than actually accomplishing the goal itself. Just being able to gather up enough willpower to begin something takes a lot of strength, so my advice is don’t even let yourself stop to think about it … just do it! There’s no need to sit around second-guessing yourself and coming up with all kinds of excuses to procrastinate. You’ll be surprised at how easy something can be if you just get the ball rolling and don’t let yourself get in the way.

8. Get connected and ask for help.

Make sure you are vocal about your goals. Tell your family, friends and those closest to you about your goals. That way, if you start to struggle, you can ask them for help. Sometimes simply having someone ask you how you’re doing with your goals can be a motivating factor. You can have people text you reminders or any other type of encouragement. There are also all sorts of social media groups and sites available that connect you with others that have similar goals as yours. You aren’t alone.

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Photograph of Kenta Seki by Jeffery Andre


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