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Written by:  Chelsea Raineri

As with most trends, it can be hard to decipher how to work a new item into your wardrobe – especially when it’s something you might have not considered wearing before. This season’s most recent trend, the fishnet stocking, is no exception. While the fishnet might seem intimidating at first, it’s actually pretty easy to add to your #OOTD. We chose a selection of photos that can help spark some inspiration for how to wear this new craze. Under destroyed denim, or even as socks, this trend can fit any style.

Under Destroyed Denim

The first, and arguably most common, way to wear fishnets is to wear them underneath destroyed denim. Choose a pair of jeans where the holes are large enough for the fishnets to be seen. Bonus if the denim is higher than the ankle to let the fishnets peak out.

Photo: Weworewhat Instagram

With a Dress

The “lampshading” trend has become popular as well. For those who might not recognize the term, it’s when an oversized shirt is worn as a dress. Wear the fishnets underneath a large shirt that can double as a dress, and pair it with sneakers, booties, or over the knee boots.

Under a crop top

For some more edge, opt for a crop top that reveals the fishnets underneath. Almost all fishnets will come up either right below the belly button or right above. This makes for optimal midriff flaunting.

With Shorts or a Skirt

Any Southern California local knows that the weather here can never be trusted. For those sunny days in the winter where the East coasters are especially jealous, rock some fishnets underneath a pair of shorts or a denim skirt.

Photo: Peaceloveshea Instagram

As Socks

Looking for a different way to wear fishnets? Not all fishnets need to be worn as stockings. They can also be worn as socks with any shoe/pant combo that reveals enough ankle to show them off. Whether the socks have smaller or larger holes, wearing fishnets this way is always a win.

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