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Dressing for work can be uninspiring to say the least. Having to pick out a new outfit each day can become a drag – especially for business formal jobs that force you to have a separate wardrobe for your work attire. You may not be guilty of outfit repeating, but you might find yourself putting together similar outfits out of sheer unwillingness to create a new and unique getup. However, when you look good, you feel good. So create an ensemble that’s going to make you feel like a boss.

Here are five outfits that are definitely safe for work and will have you ready to slay the day.

Business Formal

For jeans and tee lovers, business formal could seem like quite a restriction on your style. On the contrary, you get to create completely separate looks from your weekend wardrobe, giving you a chance to get more creative! This plaid pants suit and collarless button-up would be great with loafers. You’ll be the most stylish person in the office.





Business Casual

Slightly less professional than the business formal setting, a business casual workplace gives you a little more freedom with your outfits. You could dress on either side of the spectrum, but take heed when dressing too casual. This outfit still gives you a professional look with a pleated suit, but the pink relaxes the formalness of it. Paired with a casual white tee underneath and Nike sneakers, this outfit is not only trendy, but comfortable as well.




Casual Friday

If your office allows casual Fridays, don’t take this as an opportunity to throw caution to the wind and wear whatever you please. Your favorite jeans should take priority over your worn-in yoga pants, and you should, as always at work, steer clear of crop tops and other skin-baring trends. A striped turtleneck with non-distressed denim and a beige coat are great for a relaxed day in the office; and they don’t make you look disheveled or off your game.





Before you go on an interview, don’t be too shy to ask how you should be expected to dress. If you forget to ask or are still unsure, play it safe and go professional. It’s better to be the most dressed up candidate they saw that day than the one who came in sporting dirty sneakers. We love this outfit for its femininity and sheerness, but also because it looks put together and professional. Choose a shoe with a heel, whether it’s a bootie or mule, and accessorize with a clutch.

Important Meeting

Whether you’re running the company or running to Starbucks, chances are you’ll find yourself in an important meeting eventually; and when you do, you better have the right outfit on. A high-waisted pencil skirt with a bank-striped button-up and nude heels will have you feeling confident while you give your presentation. Exuding confidence will command the room to focus their attention on what you’re saying, and not on what you’re wearing – even though it wouldn’t be terrible if they did.

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